Monday, 6 February 2012

Write To Be Published by Nicola Morgan. Review by Penny Dolan.

When I’m busy with a book, I find it quite hard to read fiction. A good tale easily distracts me, filling my mind with that story, not the one that should be in my head. It’s also a time when I often read through books on writing, mainly because I like to be reminded of those things that are so easy to forget.

Some writers don’t need or want such books. I admit I quite enjoy them, maybe because I don’t have a writing buddy, don’t read my work to a partner and don’t belong to a writing group. I think such books – perhaps? - act as critique by proxy or at least a kind of nudge.

The writing book that I’ve just read is “Write To Be Published”.

 I’d followed Nicola Morgan’s blog from the start so slightly missed the liveliness and surprise subject in each new post and the variety in the comment thread. However, the book has kept the same accessible and amusing tone and offers a breadth of firm advice and information, set out clearly and simply.

Nicola offers a well-structured account of how and what gets published, as well as what doesn’t, and –  importantly - the many reasons why. (She alos warns that luck plays a part, too!)

A good section of the book deals with complicated subjects like submissions, contracts, agents and platforms but it is also a useful guide to writing effectively, covering fiction, writing for children, non-fiction and more, plus a list of useful resources. 

I was particularly pleased by the way that Nicola's examples of titles were all current books, easily obtainable in the UK.

WTBP is about what it says on the cover. The friendly tone does not overwhelm or discourage but at the same time the reader ends up with an overview of the practical, tough business of modern publishing.

I’d certainly suggest this title to any of the would–be writers met at writers circles, social events or even in staff-rooms.

 "Write To Be Published" by Nicola Morgan
Published by Snowbooks at £8.99
ISBN 978-1-906727-94-9

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