Sunday, 16 December 2018

Spotlight On Non-Fiction Children's Books, chosen by Emma Perry

Over the last 12 months in particular, there's a been an amazing and very welcome increase in the number of highly illustrated non fiction tomes for children. I'm loving each and every one of them. Here are some of my favourites...

Moth: An evolution story from Isabel Thomas (Author) & Daniel Egneus (Illustrator)

Between them, Thomas and Egneus tell us how the Peppered Moth, with its ‘salt and pepper’ wings, was perfectly suited to its environment, carefully camouflaged in its natural habitat. But then the environment changed, and the moth was forced to react. Moth really is quite something. Firstly, there’s Isabel Thomas’s narrative. There’s a charming lilt to it, repetition of phrases such as ‘masters of disguise’, ‘speckled and freckled’ alongside short sentences such as, ‘Be silent. Be still’ give it wonderful poetic energy.

Rebel Voices: The Rise of Votes for Women from Louise Kay Stewart (Author), Eve Lloyd Knight (Illustrator)

Taking the reader through 100 years of history, Rebel Voices carefully travels worldwide as it highlights the powerful, strong voices of women. It celebrates a wonderfully diverse range of women, all determined to be heard. It isn't too text heavy, very easy to follow accompanied, and contains the incredibly atmospheric illustrations of Eve Lloyd Knight. A stunning book.

Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History by Vashti Harrison

Vashti Harrison’s Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History presents a celebration of over 40 women who have proved themselves to be leaders in their own way. Harrison dedicates a double page spread to each of her chosen women, featuring a intriguing biography and an illustration in her signature style. Perfect to dip in and out of. 

A First Book of the Sea from Nicola Davies (Author) and Emily Sutton (illustrator)

This is the much anticipated third book in the series to be created by this duo. A immersive collection of poems brings the reader into this fascinating world. Swim alongside dolphins, peek into rockpools and dive for pearls. Davies's poetry is lots of fun, and very accessible. A wonderful book of poetry, great for using in the classroom too.

I'd love to hear about any nonfiction books you've been enjoying recently...


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