Wednesday 26 August 2015

THE SHIVER STONE by Sharon Tregenza. Reviewed by Saviour Pirotta

Author: Sharon Tregenza
Publisher: Firefly Press
Publication date:

I was seduced into buying Sharon Tregenza's The Shiver Stone by its bold blue cover. I'm a sucker for beach scenes on book covers. They remind of my own childhood visits to the sea, and of my favourite Enid Blyton adventures, especially The Secret Island and Five on a Treasure Island.

The Shiver Stone has the same breathless, exciting pacing as Blyton's best. But whereas Blyton's characters tend to be smug and middle-class, here is a cast that reads true to modern life and that young 21st century readers will empathise with.

Set in a fictional Welsh coast town, the story is part mystery, part social comment. Carys is furious with her mum and dad who have split up, with mum jetting off abroad to help patients with HIV and Dad falling in love with a new woman. When she tries to uncover the identity of an artist who is creating secret beach art, Carys sets off a chain of events that not only leads to a humdinger of an adventure but also to big time changes for all the members of the family. And an adorable dog!

Tregenza has an easy, punchy writing style that makes this book a perfect read summer or winter. Grab a copy!

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Sue Purkiss said...

Lovely review of a lovely book. I particularly liked the way the setting was conveyed - you can almost smell the salt and hear the surf!

Saviour Pirotta said...

and taste the ice-cream, Sue. Such a good book!

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