Thursday, 8 October 2015

Blue by Lisa Glass Reviewed by Tamsyn Murray

When Iris meets Zeke, she has no idea who he is. He's a surfer, she knows that, but isn't everyone in Newquay? And surfer boys are exactly what she's trying to avoid after the way her ex, Daniel, treated her. But Zeke doesn't seem to be anything like Daniel - he's a much better surfer, for one thing. The more Iris hangs our with Zeke, the more she likes him, until she finds out who he is: a world famous pro-surfing superstar, in Newquay to spend some time with his dad's family.

Iris tries to keep her distance but there's something about Zeke she finds irresistible, in spite of knowing he's only in town for a short while. When he suggests she enters a major surf competition to win sponsorship from a global brand, she's not sure she's good enough. Can she overcome her nerves and her reservations about Zeke to follow her heart? Or does her destiny lie closer to home?

Blue is a heady mix of sun, surf and sand (with the perfect amount of sex thrown in too). It's a perfect summer YA book, one so evocative of the Cornish surf scene that I could almost taste the salt on the wind from Fistral Beach as I read. I loved Iris and fully sympathised with her struggles to come to terms with her past while dealing with a white-hot attraction to someone who could easily break her newly-mended heart. And Zeke was adorable - not quite as perfect as his appearance and lifestyle seem to suggest. His flaws made him even more appealing and a cut above the usual YA hero. There's plenty of drama too, with a climax that had me breathless with anxiety. I can see why the film rights were snapped up - Blue is intoxicating and addictive. I immediately bought the sequel, Air, and binge-read that too. The third book, Ride, is out in 2016. Needless to say, I can't wait.

Blue is a YA title, recommended for 14+. Published by Quercus.


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