Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Closing the page for now . . . and Happy Christmas to all our readers.

If you’ve just visited the Awfully Big Blog Adventure, you’ll know that our Scattered Authors Society blog has just begun its annual holiday. 

However, Awfully Big Reviews is sneaking away too, so that there will be time to read and eat and do all sorts of nice things so everyone is bright & fully refreshed for the first of January, and ready to bring you a mix of book suggestions during 2016.

Huge thanks to all the wonderful ABR reviewers who between themselves make sure that a new choice appears here every fourth day. I know that writing a book review demands a good amount of time: first to read the book well and thoughtfully and, secondly, to find the best words to describe what the book is “about” and also what it is about this particular book that makes it so appealing or interesting or clever or insightful or amusing or any or many of the ways in which a book can speak to a reader.

So many, many thanks to all the Awfully Big Review team:
 Pippa Goodhart, Adele Geras, Pauline Francis, Jackie Marchant, Julia Jones, Dawn Finch, Ann Turnbull, Lynda Waterhouse, Damian Harvey, Tamsyn Murray, Gillian Phillip, Sue Purkiss, Saviour Pirotta, Rhian Ivory, Tamsin Cook and Sarah Hammond.  
Thank you all for your work, help, reliability and patience. I’ll look forward to reading more of your suggestions and recommendations in 2016. 

Meanwhile, it’s time to close the blog until that January arrives. I hope that everyone, especially all the ABBA & ABR contributors and readers, has a happy holiday and a fine New Year, and all manner of good times, lovely things and wonderful books to enjoy in the year to come. 
Warmest wishes, Penny Dolan


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