Monday, 14 March 2016

Don't Call Me Choochie Pooh! by Sean Taylor and Kate Hindley, reviewed by Pippa Goodhart

This is a delight of a book.  A small dog in a big pink bow is fed-up with being called Choochie Pooh or Ickle Pickle Woof Woof or Incy Wincy Cupcake, and being carried about in a handbag.  After all, she's 'an ordinary, proper dog'.  It's so embarrassing to be seen being kissed and called those silly names!  But the other dogs, 'barking, getting muddy and doing proper dog things' let Choochie Pooh join in.  It's all going so well ...

... until her owner calls for her, "Off we go Oopsie Boopsie Choochie Pooh!"  How will the other dogs react?  After all, they'd never get called such silly names ... would they?

DSCN6456 (800x600)
The glory of the story is the essential truth in it that any child will recognise; the embarrassment that a parent/owner can be, but also the fact that we've all got to suffer them!  And the pictures by Kate Hindley are full of action, beauty and comedy.  Highly recommended for children ... and for 62 year old husbands.  Mine loved this as a Valentine's present.  And, no, I don't call him Choochie Pooh!


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