Sunday, 6 November 2016

Three Little Monkeys by Quentin Blake and Emma Chichester Clark, reviewed by Pippa Goodhart

This is an absolute joy of a book, created by teacher/student and friends pair, Quentin Blake and Emma Chichester Clark.  Quentin Blake has written the story, and Emma Chichester Clark done the illustrations.  If ever a pair of people understood picture book fun, it is those two, and they have clearly enjoyed themselves enormously in creating this big beautiful book.

Hilda Snibbs has three little monkeys called  Tim, Sam and Lulu, and they are not always very good.

They make wonderfully terrible messes in her home, and she isn't pleased ... but when, one day, she comes home and the house is tidy and the three little monkeys not in evidence, she is distraught.

Until she find them again.

This is, of course, a parent and children sort of relationship played out in a fun and lovely way.  I know very well that if I'd had this book twenty years ago I would have substituted the names Annie, Mary and Susie for those three little monkeys, and my three daughters would have loved 'being' those naughty lovely characters!
Highly, highly recommended.


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