Sunday 30 April 2017

My Naughty Little Puppy: A Home for Rascal by Holly Webb. Reviewed by Tamsin Cooke

A Home For Rascal was a favourite in our house when my daughter was younger – so much so – it is one of her treasured possessions.

When Ellie names her puppy Rascal, she doesn't realize how right she is…
The Thomas family are finally getting a puppy – and no one is more excited than dog-mad Ellie! She dreams of a cuddly little pup who will sleep on her bed. But her bossy brother and sister have other ideas. Will Ellie get her perfect puppy?

Ellie often feels side-lined because she’s the youngest. She has to sit in the middle seat in the car and often her squabbling older siblings get their way in arguments. And so Ellie worries when her family decided to get a dog. Will her older brother and sister take over looking after their new pet? Max plans to play with it all the time, and Lila wants to groom and make it beautiful, almost as if it’s an accessory. Yet it soon becomes clear that Ellie is the one who truly understand dogs and wants to take care of their new little puppy. 

There are so many funny episodes in this story and readers will take great delight in Rascal’s adventures. He chews trainers, sneaks up the stairs, chases ducks, and pees where he shouldn’t! Holly Webb captures the nature of puppies perfectly and brings them too life in such a vivid way. She writes with such warmth as she describes Rascal’s mischievous exploits.

Ellie is a fabulous character. She's funny, observant and full of unconditional love for her dog.  Throughout the book, it’s wonderful to see how she learns to stick up for herself amongst her family. There are touching moments where Ellie teaches her siblings how to treat Rascal. Also it's great to see how Ellie is learning responsibility.  As much as she wants to spoil Rascal, she knows deep down she has to teach him to behave.  

I recommend this book for children aged 6+ especially if they are dog-mad! 


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