Tuesday 12 December 2017

RISING STARS - NEW YOUNG VOICES IN POETRY - reviewed by Chitra Soundar

Rising StarsNew Young Voices in PoetryVictoria Adukwei Bulley : Ruth Awolola : Abigail Cook : Jay Hulme : Amina JamaIllustrated by final-year students on the Illustration course at Birmingham City University
Published by Otter-Barry Books (2017)

I attended a book launch recently – a book of poetry by young poets from varied backgrounds – the anthology Rising Stars – New Young Voices in Poetry is an amazing collection of wonderful poems from young and upcoming performance poets.

I heard these words spoken on stage by their creators, with passion and full of emotion. The words came from unique experiences yet it brought tears to the eyes of many present including me.

The B&W illustrations were created by alumni of Birmingham City University and complement the verse beautifully.

Here is a little sample:

We weaved stories into the silences.
He made me brave.

From Brother by Abigail Cook


And bread rising?
the sun on hills
the smell as it rises?
            the last dream before dawn

From How to Build a Kitchen by Victoria Adukwei Bulley


May your words stop
Letting you down.
May you laugh without thinking.
May you eat spaghetti with sugar
And fly to the moon.

May you let me in.

From Pray by Amina Jama

The Rising Stars – New Young Voices in Poetry is published by Otter-Barry Books in collaboration with Pop-up Projects. Read and find out how wonderful these young poets are.


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