Friday, 20 April 2018

BIRD GIRL by Maudie Smith reviewed by Sharon Tregenza

  1. Finch Field is an outsider at school, mocked by the others kids for her crazy dreams. She's excited to be spending summer with her beloved Granny in Sunview-on-Sea but when she arrives she discovers a problem. There's a dark cloud looming over the town and it's stealing the sunshine. The usually happy villagers are miserable. What danger threatens them and how can a girl with pink hair use her special dream, of flying through the air, to save them from a terrible enemy? Finch must first believe in her own dreams before she can save the dreams of others.

Maudie Smith weaves a wonderful tale of fantasy and friendship in this delicious story of dreams and monsters. It's quirky and clever and magical - exactly my kind of book. It will be loved by fans of Holly Webb and Jacqueline Wilson. Perfect for age 8-12.


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Penny Dolan said...

Thanks, Sharon - and who cannot have hope in the magical properties of pink hair?

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