Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Keep Going by Austin Kleon - reviewed by Emma Perry

'Keep going' a phrase uttered a more than a few times during the ups and downs of a writer's journey. Key phrases from my WONDERFUL writing buddies include 'you've got this' and 'hold your nerve' - because we all need that sort of support from time to time.

Keep Going from Austin Kleon is like a hug from your best-est writing buddies wrapped up in book form.

Austin Kleon's little gem is packed full of nuggets of wisdom which inspire creativity. It delves into the reasons you create in the first place. What drives you? What keeps you going? Going back to the source of the reason to create is brilliant - it helps you to really get back in touch with that driving passion.

Most of us create because that is what fires us, it sparks joy. But. Sometimes that spark is a little dim, the fire needs a bit more stoking to get it going again. And that's exactly what Kleon's book achieves.

Kleon draws on wisdom from several varied sources, presenting snippets of great quote alongside his own thoughts and feelings.

"Disconnect from the world to connect with yourself."
 Kleon brilliantly addresses social media in this book - it's impact on mental health and the benefits of handling it wisely. He also encourages readers to re-connect with the reasons for being creative in the first place. He reminds his readers to enjoy the journey, enjoy the process - "When you ignore quantitative measurements for a bit, you can get back to qualitative measurements."

"No artist can work simply for results: he must also like the work of getting them." - Robert Farrar Capon
Wishing you all have wonderfully creative week xx

Emma Perry is a children's author, Primary School teacher & founder of MyBookCorner.
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Moira Butterfield said...

Gonna get this!

Emma Perry said...

A wise choice! ��

Penny Dolan said...

Didn't know this title was out, so thanks, Emma.

Think the "disconnect" bit could be wise advice. Such a time-eating activity. (Looks at clock. Oops!)

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