Saturday, 13 July 2019

Cyril and Pat, written and illustrated by Emily Gravett, reviewed by Pippa Goodhart

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A beauty of a book

Lonely Cyril the squirrel meets a friend called Pat, and Pat's a (spot the difference?)... 

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... squirrel as far as Cyril is concerned. Pat's also a brilliant sharer, and a scruffy, naughty FUN friend to scamper around  and make mayhem with ...
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... until a small boy tells Cyril that actually Pat isn't a fellow squirrel, he's a turn... RAT! And everyone is telling Cyril not to be friends with such a creature. So Cyril is on his own again, trying to do the same games, but it just isn't fun. And then being alone turns scary ...

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...until Pat comes to the rescue, along with a whole pack of rats. And soon Cyril is back with 'his brave and clever best friend, Pat'.

Emily Gravett is a master of rhyme and using page turns to dramatic effect, and, of course, creating beautiful, funny, moving pictures for this story about the importance of staying true to your friends. 
A picture book of the very best sort.



Penny Dolan said...

What a wonderfully inspired development from the common "Squirrels are just rats with furry tails!" remark. Thanks for this,Pippa.

Stroppy Author said...

This sounds great - I will look out for it for MB. And me. She is a great excuse to buy picture books, and I love Emily Gravett. There should be a spoiler alert here, though :-)

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