Saturday, 3 November 2012

MY WISHES FOR YOU - A Picture Book by Adele Geras, illustrated by Cliff Wright. Review by Pauline Chandler

Do you have secret treats?  The odd bar of chocolate or bag of sweeties, to scoff when no one is looking?  A cream cake?  A dab of expensive scent?  A designer scarf or haircut?  Or a listen of a tune that’s really hooked you?  Something you treat yourself to that makes you smile and feel wonderful?  Well, one of my secret treats is picture books!

In spite of there being no young children in the house these days, I still hang my nose over the picture book section in my local book shop. I pretend I’m buying for a young friend or relation, but usually I’m not. I’m buying a picture book for myself, as a secret treat! There are so many to choose from: funny ones, sad ones, spooky ones,  ones about pirates, mysteries, histories, fairy tales, family tales and lots about animals: horses, dogs, cats and, my favourites, hares.

‘My Wishes for You’ is one of those picture books which should be in any collection. The words are a treasure, written by Adele Geras, a poem of wishes from a hare parent to its child, for everything good and lovely in life:

‘Light from behind the hill, spilling into the sky,’ or A path that goes from here to   everywhere’ or ‘A dancing stream to follow with your dance.’

On every page are the most beautiful illustrations, by Cliff Wright, of hares in a landscape reflecting the changing seasons.

This is a book full of love…. and I love it! I’ve given copies as Christening gifts and to new mums and dads. But, of course, I have one myself, on my very own picture book shelf!

Wishes For You’ – Adele Geras and Cliff Wright 
Dedicated to: PTES - The People’s Trust for Endangered Species (Hares)

Review by Pauline Chandler


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adele said...

That is lovely, Pauline!! Thanks so much for drawing attention to this book, which I'm very fond of!

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