Monday, 31 December 2012

Hello again - and a Happy New Year!

A Happy New Year from all the Awfully Big Reviewers! Thank you for nipping across from An Awfully Big Blog Adventure and visiting this post.

During 2013, we’ll be posting up reviews of books & illustrated books for babies, for children, junior/middle grade readers, teens, young adults and even crossover titles.

The books are all ones that we – and maybe children we know - have particularly enjoyed and feel enthusiastic about. You’ll find very new books as well as a few old favourites and even the occasional information book, poetry book, e-book and media review.  As we only review any title once, no matter how big the name, there’s a good range of reading, both in quantity and quality and with new reviews appearing every third day.

Awfully Big Reviews also includes titles for adults: perhaps a very excellent novel, a significant book now a-kindled, or a book about some aspect of education or writing, or anything else we think fits into general categories of  “interesting” or enjoyable.

The Awfully Big Review Team currently includes:

Adele Geras :
Gillian Philip :
Ellen Renner :
Tamsyn Murray:
Sue Purkiss:
Lynda Waterhouse:
Sheila Glasbey:
Saviour Pirotta:
Ann Turnbull:
Meg Harper:
Pippa Goodhart :
Jackie Marchant :
John Dougherty :
Penny Dolan :

and we all wish you the very best of reading for 2013!

Do call back and find out the books and titles we want to share the books with you during the New Year!

Penny Dolan

Ps. Not quite a review, but almost. I have just downloaded Sparks, A Year in E-Publishing; the Authors Electric Anthology 2011-2012. Only just begun, but interesting to have so many of their posts gathered together on my kindle and read about the many issues and viewpoints involved.  P.D.


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