Thursday, 31 January 2013

R is for Reading & Rosen. Penny Dolan introduces an inspiring Poetry Resource.

It's the first of February and although cuts are biting, a few World Book Day Week bookings have appeared in the diary.

Unfortunately, months crouched over a desk creates a certain trepidation. Can I re-capture my "Visiting Author" voice and friendly manner? Will I remember the way to talk to children so that they listen and so that they enjoy meeting me? If only I could see another writer working, but there's no time . . Or is there?

Visiting writers may need time to recall how to do what they "do"  and how to talk the talk - and to make sure their sessions still reflect both their personality and their writing.

So today there's not the usual Awfully Big Review of a book. Instead here's a link to the work of a master Performer.  Cleverly and sensibly, he's used Youtube to record the poems from one of his best loved collections.

So I've chosen his blog as an excellent reminder of the pleasure that comes from sharing your work with children, whoever you are.

Who can it be? Michael Rosen, of course, and the book? The Hypnotiser.

Penny Dolan

Here's Michael Rosen's website link.


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