Tuesday 6 August 2013

CAVEMEN STICKER BOOK by Paul Nicholls, Non Taylor and Fiona Watt. Reviewed by Ann Turnbull.

This Usborne activity book is the sort of thing I would have adored as a child.  It's perfect for quiet indoor moments during the holidays.

The book is a large paperback and consists of about a dozen scenes of Ice Age life - cave interiors, a mammoth hunt, a river with reindeer, etc. - all of them enticingly empty, ready for whatever the child wants to put into them.  In the middle of the book are pages and pages of stickers - "over 400 stickers", the cover proclaims - and they are fun.  I like the child hitting its thumb with a stone tool and wailing; the hunter going cross-eyed as he tries to mend his spear; the inquisitive baby; the mum fitting a new dress on her daughter.  There are some satisfyingly gruesome pictures of butchery, too, with blood splashing around.  There is a cave bear, and swimming deer (just back and head, no legs).  Children who like intricate things will enjoy the many very small stickers: tools, bowls of food, pigeons that can be perched on rocks or trees; even tiny beads and bones.

Scattered throughout the book is also a surprising amount of information, making it suitable for a wide age-range.  Little ones will want to talk about the animals, while older children will enjoy learning about the Ice Age and making up their own stories and pictures.  Highly recommended.


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Penny Dolan said...

Having recently watched a grand-daughter playing with a "fantasy" sticker book - telling herself little stories as she did so, commenting in her own way on what could be termed "aspects of the genre" - I am glad to find such a review & recommendation here.

The Caveman Sticker Book, published by Usborne, sounds great fun.

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