Friday, 14 February 2014

A KISS LIKE THIS by Mary Murphy, published by Walker Books, 2012: reviewed by C.J. Busby

It's Valentine's Day, so I thought I would review something that fitted the theme. A Kiss Like This is not something I'd normally pick up - it's a picture book, and my children are all past that stage - but I really loved it.

The premise is one of those beautifully simple ones that make such great picture books: what are the kisses of other animals like? 'A giraffe kiss', the first page informs us, 'is gentle and tall' - and then, you lift a flap and the giraffe adult is kissing the giraffe baby - 'like this!' Parents will immediately spot the only way to read this book: with an inventive and giggly different kiss for every page.

A bee kiss, for example, is 'fuzzy and buzzy':

I can just feel how much fun it would be to give someone a fuzzy, buzzy bee kiss. The illustrations, as you can see, are lovely - simple and colourful, just as they need to be. The story takes us through the kisses of a number of different animals, until on the last page, the reader gets 'your kiss - like this!'

My youngest daughter's first word was 'kiss'. She'd have loved this book. I don't think there's any toddler who wouldn't.

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Maeve Friel said...

This sounds like a must have for babies with new parents.

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