Friday, 3 April 2015

Sam's Super Stinky Socks! written by Paul Bright & illustratrated by Ed Eaves - reviewed by Damian Harvey

Young Sam is a fearless explorer who  clearly follows in his Pa's adventuring footsteps.
After announcing that he is off to see the world, Pa offers him some words of advice that I'm sure Bear Grylls would firmly endorse - 'Be sure to wash your socks each night and hang them up to dry.' Pa also offers some slightly more dubious advice on what to do if he comes across a cheetah, a crocodile or a python. But it seems that the only thing that Pa can't help with is the most fearsome thing of all - the 'Jumbo Bumbo Fly.' which will bite you on the bum.

Sam's adventures take him around the world and as you might expect, he completely forgets all of Pa's sound advice on how to deal with wild animals... but worst of all, he never washes his socks and the terrible pong attracts a cheetah. 
Soon poor Sam finds himself being chased by a cheetah, a python and a crocodile. Just as it seems that things can't get any worse he hears a fearful noise - the dreaded Jumbo Bumbo Fly. The terrible insect bites the cheetah, the python and the crocodile, turning their bums blue, and it seems that Sam will be next. Fortunately, Sam proves himself to be more resourceful than his Pa and all ends well but you'll have to read the book to see exactly what happens.
The combination of Paul Bright's witty, rhyming text and Ed Eaves's bright, fun filled illustrations make this picture book a joy to read aloud and share. Children (and especially boys) will giggle endlessly at the references to bums an stinky socks... a sure winner. 


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