Wednesday 10 June 2015

Troll and the Oliver by Adam Stower. Reviewed by Damian Harvey

I love this simple but delightful twist on the tale of a young boy and a hungry troll, both written and illustrated by Adam Stower. The cover grabbed me first - and I appreciate that judgement shouldn't be made there but I just couldn't help it. Mischievous Troll peering through the cutaway cover as 'the Oliver' skips merrily along left me wanting more.

On opening the cover we see that Troll had sneaked a little bit closer to 'the Oliver' - his intent already clear to even the most inattentive reader or listener. After being casually introduced to the two 'This is the Troll. And this is an Oliver.' The fun really starts as Troll tries his best to capture 'the Oliver' and eat him for his tea.

Unfortunately for Troll, this isn't as easy as he expects as 'the Oliver' just won't keep still... instead the pesky Oliver foils him at every turn. So much so that the reader ends up feeling a little sorry for Troll as he finally gives up and sadly returns home to his hole for a 'dinner of twigs and stones'.

The next morning, as Oliver sets out with his little basket, things just aren't the same anymore. Everything is quiet on his journey home from the shops and as he starts to bake a cake he starts to feel very pleased with himself as he finally realises that the Troll has given up... 'OLIVER HAS WON!'

This isn't the end of the tale though and readers are in for another delightful surprise and a couple of twists before the story comes to a satisfying ending. This picture book is lots of fun to read and is one that will be a joy to share many times over.

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Pippa Goodhart said...

That looks exciting and fun. I must get hold of a copy. Thanks, Damien!

Penny Dolan said...

Thanks, Damian. Always good to hear of such special picture books.

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