Sunday, 4 December 2016

STONE UNDERPANTS by Rebecca Lisle and Richard Watson. Reviewed by Saviour Pirotta

Publisher: Maverick Books
Pub year: 2016

Rebecca Lisle has written some fantastic books for young and older readers but this is his first picture book, and it's a gem.

The story is very simple.  We're in the stone age. Pod wants to go our and play with his mates but it's too cold to venture out in his birthday suit. His parents suggest he could make himself a pair of undies. He tries various materials, including leaves, feathers and wood but nothing work until he has a brainwave: stone underpants.

Rebecca tells her story in a funny, direct style that compliments Richard's bright, cartoony style. This is a great, endearing little book that will have children in giggles, and would also work well in a classroom when doing the 'stone age' as a topic.

Reviewed by Saviour Pirotta

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rebecca said...

Thank you so much Saviour - not just for this but all your input when Stone Undies was still rock bottom and you helped bring it to life at dear old Folly Farm!

Penny Dolan said...

Now THAT sounds an interesting picture book, Rebecca! Thanks for the review, Saviour.

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