Monday, 3 April 2017

REVOLT AGAINST THE ROMANS, by Tony Bradman. Reviewed by Saviour Pirotta

ISBN-10: 1472929322
Publication date: 6th April 2017

Bestselling author Tony Bradman writes across a range of genres, including picture books and funny stories. I am most enamoured however of his historical fiction which makes history come alive for readers with its fast-paced action sequences and attention to accurate historical detail.  I especially loved Viking Boy and his take on the Titanic story seen from the point of view of a bellboy.

REVOLT AGAINST THE ROMANS, published this month, is also very good read. It's the story of Marcus, a Roman boy who does not get on well with his father, a high-ranking official in the Roman civil service. When Marcus is held hostage by the Catuvellauni in Britannia, his father refuses to pay the ransom. Instead he suggests Marcus kills himself in the manner of Cato the Younger.

Shocked by his father's attitude towards him, Marcus is gradually assimilated into the Britons' tribe and acquires a new family with whom he feels more secure and loved. But soon the Romans are on the march against the Britons and Marcus must face his old enemy again...

This is a page-turner of a story, full of twists, fast-paced battle scenes and a very satisfying ending. The characters come alive on the page and you find yourself rooting for Marcus and his new family, and booing the Romans.  If this site had a star rating, I would give REVOLT AGAINST THE ROMANS five out of five. 

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Miranda80 said...

Though it's not my favorite genre, this book wasn't bad, the writer is quite skillful. He could write Essay box reviews if he got time. Historical topics always gain traction.

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Margaret Watkins said...

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