Thursday, 15 February 2018

Star In The Jar by Sam Hay & Sarah Massini, Reviewed By Emma Perry

Star In The Jar is the picture book collaboration between Sam Hay and Sarah Massini - celebrating siblings, friendship and great adventures.

The little brother of our narrator adores finding all sorts of treasures, but one day he finds something extra special. After carefully checking that it doesn't belong to anyone they know 'it' (a golden star) is tucked in to a jar... and gets carried everywhere. Everywhere!

When the two siblings learn that the star is very much missed, they set about figuring out how to get the star home.

Sam Hay's narrative brilliantly captures the wonder these two experience as they gather all sorts of bits and bobs to help them achieve their aim. Sarah Massini's illustrations are warm, and comforting with clever use of light and dark.

I adore how Star In The Jar, told in the first person is from the perspective of the older sister and she recounts the story of her little brother - it works incredibly well. The narrative maintains the child's perspective, and gives a wonderful glimpse at the sibling relationship.

Star In The Jar is a warm, comforting read. Perfect for bedtime.

Emma Perry is a picture book writer represented by Bell Lomax Moreton. 
She is the founder of the childrens book review site MyBookCorner and organiser of International Book Giving Day. 
Twitter: @_EmmaPerry


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