Tuesday, 16 April 2019

The Maker of Monsters by Lorraine Gregory. Reviewed by Emma Perry

The Maker of Monsters is the latest middle grade novel from Lorraine Gregory, author of Mold and the Poison Plot (winner of the SCBWI Crystal Kite Award 2018). It's a glorious, multi-layered adventure with a BIG heart.

Illustrations by Meg Hunt

Meet Brat. Life is tough for Brat, very tough. How would you like to be feeding vicious monsters through the bars of their cells? One wrong move and you'll end up being their dinner. But the endearing character of Brat takes all this on the chin.

Brat lives on an isolated island in a castle owned by Lord Macawber. He should be grateful... his master rescued him all those years ago after-all. However, in recent years his Master has become more and more obsessed with making monsters - grotesque, frightening monsters in order to carry out his grand plan. The only light for Brat is the company of his unique friends - Sherman and Tingle.

Lord Macawber's grand plan swiftly becomes too grand for even him to handle, the monsters escape lead by the most deadly and fearsome one of all. Now it's up to Brat to face his fears - to cross the water and warn the other communities that their lives are in danger. Immediate danger.

Brat's journey is non-stop. The pacing of this novel is incredible - Lorraine Gregory how do you do it?!??! This is a real heart in your mouth type of adventure, each chapter is chock-a-block full of action as the plot moves at a wonderfully satisfying pace - great for reading out loud in classrooms.

In Brat, as with Mold, Lorraine has created a supremely like-able character - one with flaws, and a huge heart that the reader is cheering on from that very first chapter.

Go Brat! You can do it!

The Maker of Monsters is hugely enjoyable. Highly recommended.

Emma Perry is a children's author, Primary School teacher & founder of MyBookCorner.
Twitter: @_EmmaPerry


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