Sunday, 18 August 2019

THE STARMAN AND ME by Sharon Cohen. Reviewed by Sharon Tregenza

THE STARMAN AND ME by Sharon Cohen

This book is an adventurous mix of science and history with a touch of magic thrown in for good measure. When Kofi first sees Rorty he’s not sure what he is. He obviously has special powers – so is he an alien? And why does he need help?
Kofi discovers that Rorty is being hunted by scientist who abducted him from a remote island. They want him for the chip that is inserted in his brain. It’s this chip that is responsible for his remarkable powers - it was invented as a source for good. Naturally the villains want it for nefarious reasons of their own. 

Narrated by Kofi, the story romps along at a good pace and a number of quirky sub plots keep the action flowing, but don’t distract from the main mystery. It’s a charming story that despite some truly emotional moments, never slips into the maudlin. The writing is crisp and intelligent and the characters well-rounded. I love the simplicity of the cover too.

I highly recommend this book for upper MG or lower YA. It’s also a great read for adults.


·       Paperback: 304 pages
·       Age Range: 9 - 11 years
·       Publisher: Quercus Children's Books (10 Aug. 2017)
·       Language: English 
·       ISBN-10: 1786540088


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