Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Star In Your Own Story - from Little Tiger Press - Reviewed by Damian Harvey

Little Tiger Press have just published four books under the 'Star In Your Own Story' banner. Two aimed at children from 1 - 3 and two aimed slightly higher at 3 - 6 year olds.

'The Ballerina' and 'The Firefighter', both written and illustrated by Danielle McLean and Sebastian Braun respectively, are aimed at 1 - 3 year old. These are solid, sturdy board books with rounded corners to prevent any injury for very young children that like to really sink their teeth into a book. A cardboard insert in the cover can be removed so that the child's name can be added - thus personalising them. Each of these titles contain a single line of text and build nicely to the final conclusion/punchline. 

I like that 'The Firefighter' is gender neutral so can appeal to boys and girls - rather than calling it The Fireman. Unfortunately this isn't the case with 'The Ballerina' which has a couple of 'her' references in the text. 

The titles aimed at the slightly older age range of 3 - 6 year olds work very well and provide more for the reader. 'Drives and Digger' - written by Danielle McLean and illustrated by Kathryn Selbert, and 'Saves the Day' - written by Georgiana Deutsch and illustrated by Vicki Gausden are nice sized hardbacked picture books.

Rather than simply writing your name on a cardboard insert, these two titles come with a sheet of brightly coloured stick on letters. In 'Drives a Digger' the crocodile hero of the story likes nothing better than digging holes with the big yellow digger. When  something is discovered buried under the ground, the digger gets broken. Our hero has uncovered a huge treasure chest - perhaps there's something inside that can help. 

The fourth book, 'Saves the Day' features a plucky squirrel superhero 'looking for an adventure'. Wolf comes running along calling for help as there's something making a terrible noise in the forest - and 'it might be a monster.' Delighted at the chance of having adventure, our hero heads off towards the forest, meeting other worried and frightened animals along the way. The search for a monster in the forest soon turns into a rescue mission and needless to say, the hero saves the day. 'Saves the Day' is nicely illustrated and story reads well - young children will love having the character named after them.  

 Thanks to Little Tiger Press for sending me these books to review...